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Not everyone will understand.

I remember after deciding that I was tired of feeling weak, fat, depressed, and emotionally lost, I decided

to make a change. It was hard, but I did it.

I went to counseling for six months.

I started working out.

I began learning about food and how it actually affects health.

I got a coach to help me dial in and focus my training.

I left a miserable job.

What happened;

I learned to communicate better.

I lost weight.

I felt better.

I got stronger.

I became happy.

However, after making that transformation, I was told I was "too skinny" by some.

I was almost laughed at when refusing alcohol or desserts. I was told I was going to

the gym too much. I changed and I was happier for it.

Some didn't understand. Some friendships drifted away.

My circle got smaller, but it became better. It felt like the people who were now

meant to be there after my transformation were now with me just showed up.

No matter what you'll be criticized for making a change or a decision that makes you happy.

Do it anyways. Lose weight. Get healthy. Change jobs. Start a business. Move to a different place.

You owe no one an explanation on what fulfills you.

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